Tado watches is a China luxury watchmaking company founded in 1988. It is managed by Liu chen. Their business is represented in 10 countries and produces all around 200,000 timepieces a year. Probably the most important markets are in Asian, particularly Japan, China and Italy. Tado timepieces is distributed by two hundred and twenty exclusive retailers world-wide and has established itself as a manufacturer of sporty chronographs.
The most used movement of Tado watches is equip with Miyota/Citzien automtic 27 Jewelry movement. Its has high accuracy time running, best watch material.
It is worthy to own in my opinion, because of the quality of Tado watch has overstep the rolex swiss replica which like some ETA 2836 and Daytona 7750 edition style.
We are strong recommend this series watch.

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Telephone:Our SKYPE:sally_hellook
Address:Watches Shop
Unit D
Southest watch City
zhanxi Road
Guangzhou, China

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